Are you happy with your horse’s performance? Build a foundation that will last a lifetime.

Brian Thomas at Smith Rock with 2 horses in grassFrom private instruction to workshops and clinics, as well as my in-house training, it’s your choice.

Brian Thomas Mounted on Horse at Smith Rock

No matter what discipline or breed of horse I have the knowledge and skill to help you reach your goals.

All breeds and disciplines are welcome!

Private Instruction

Brian Thomas clinic trainingThis is time I will spend with you one on one, working on a lesson plan to achieve the goals you have set for you and your horse.

Through humane methods and safe training techniques I can help you build a better relationship with your horse.

Teaching clients how to safely and confidently work with their equine partner, whether on the ground or in the saddle developing better riding skills.

Get help with your horse’s:

  • ground manners/ground work
  • problem solving
  • riding work
  • developing confidence
  • taking your training to the next level

I guarantee you positive results with the first session.

What you can expect from me is a fun, safe and professional atmosphere. The training techniques I will teach you can be easily understood and will result in success for you and your horse.

Please contact me for pricing. A multi-day discount will be offered for 3 sessions or more.


Brian Thomas at home with his horses and familyWorkshops are for small groups, for a full day of training at your arena or barn. This is a more personal way to gather with friends and learn together in a relaxed setting. Broke and un-broke horses welcome.

2 participant minimum- $250.00 per person

3 or more participants- $200.00 per person (up to six participants)

Are you interested in a workshop at your barn or stables?


Brian Thomas at Clinic with John Lyons in IdahoClinics are designed to help riders of all disciplines and skill levels establish trust, respect, and communication with their equine partner.

Ground work is the foundation of having a safe and responsive horse.

2 day Ground Work Clinics- $325.00 per participant

Topics covered (but not limited to):
Ground work is the foundation of having a safe and responsive horse; Teaching your horse to be calm and quiet, hip control and creating softness through the bridle.

3 day Confidence Building Clinics- $425.00 per participant

Topics covered (but not limited to)
Learn to overcome fear with safe proven training methods to get you in the saddle with confidence; Better control of your horse, dealing with fear, speed control, keeping your horse calm and relaxed, working with and spooky and scary objects.

One day of ground work and 2 days of riding.

3 day Trail Riding Clinic- $425.00 per participant

Topics covered (but not limited to)
Increase the confidence in horse and rider and develop skills needed to safely negotiate the trails; Spooky and scary objects, speed control, keeping your horse calm, obstacles, and dealing with fear.

Riding clinic, but individuals are welcome to work on the ground depending on their comfort and skill level.

3 day Horsemanship Clinics- $425.00 per participant

Topics covered (but not limited to)
This clinic will cover body control and suppleness of all 4 corners of the horse, and give you the tools to take your riding to the next level; Hip and shoulder control, diagonal work speed control, stops, collection, transitions, and problem solving.

This clinic focuses on riding work but participants are welcome to work their horse on the ground any day during the course of the clinic.

Are you and your friends interested in a Colt Starting Clinic?
Host a clinic at your arena or barn. Contact us for details!

In-house Training

Working with both the horse and owner is always beneficial as it creates a stronger partnership and enables owner to have a better understanding of the process and to see the progression in training.

Occasionally I take horses in for training if it is determined to be best for the progress of the horse or owner.

All Breeds and disciplines welcome!